Training The Tree Dog.

This coonhound and squirrel dog training book provides unique and proven step by step instructions. Included with the book are free video examples of each training phase discussed in the book that can be accessed at the bottom of this page. It summarizes the science of how a dog learns. It improves the chances of having larger numbers of younger dogs with higher quality hunting skills and the trainer's teaching skills.

This system promotes stronger lay up or wind treeing behaviors in dogs. It encourages stronger and more independent hunting characteristics in the dog at the earliest possible age. It gives the trainer the scientific insight into what the most vital characteristics are to watch for when picking a puppy to train. The hunting dog training examples given in the manual furnish the trainer with a basic understanding of how and why to apply the Operant Conditioning field of learning science principals and methods to training tree dogs to hunt and tree, to break them off trash and to obedience train them.

For two decades it has been a favorite hobby to train coon dogs and squirrel dogs while also practicing a career in the field of Physical Chemistry. That combination led to a search for professional training literature written by scientists about how to train hunting dogs. Established and well thought-out training methods for hunting dogs were found. Included were explanations of why the training systems work. The information applies to training coonhound, big game, cur and fiest dog puppies for both pleasure hunting and competition hunting in the kennel clubs like the NKC, UKC and PKC. Especially for events like the PKC super stakes sire, super stake hunt, UKC Performance program and the American Black and Tan Coonhound Association futurity hunt.

As a result of collaborating the research information and re-assessing coon dog and squirrel dog training needs based on past experience it became possible to tailor this proven tree dog training system, meeting the objective of this study.

It is different from books like the John Wick, Walk With Wick training book because it is less comprehensive. It is specifically written about starting dogs by themselves to the point they tree their own wild game. It lays out a structured tree dog training program that not only works, it can also be used to help evaluate how trainable a tree dog is.

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This coonhound and squirrel dog training manual provides step by step how to instructions and is complimented by free online step by step video. To access the videos use the username KNOWLEDGE and the last word on page 1 of the manual as the password after clicking on this "LINK".

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