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My 2014 training project named Jack. He is 12 months old. Others have started faster and easier, he is a dog that has not been the fastest learner to train and I about gave up on him a couple times but he is starting to really put things together for himself. He has split treed several times this season and treed a couple alone up to now. Tonight was a first for him. He was a long way in the opposite direction from the truck and from the old dogs. At least 400 yards. He treed hard for a long time tonight waiting on us to shoot coon out to the old dogs and some pups. He had his first triple coon in a tree. He is out of my own dogs, my 2005 training project Flo and my 2012 training project little X Jr that are also in videos on this same page.

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This is Novak's HiTech Speck. My 2006 training project. He is 5 months old in this video. This is NITECH Novak's Easy Flo IV the Black and Tan female that I trained in 2005. She is featured on my website and in my manual. She is 18 months old when treeing in this video. Candy (6 Months Old)
My 2007 Training Project

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Video Series 1 Video Series 2 Video Series 3

Little X is my 5 month old 2012 trainig project. Three weeks ago he would barely nibble a coon hide and you could not beg him to bark at one. This is lesson #12 with the coon hide hidden well out of sight and no track to trail on the ground, only the scent in the wind for him to follow to the tree.

UPDATE - (Video Series 3) My 2012 X pup now 6 months old and his 18th lesson. His second wild hunt at night with Flo. Treed with intensity on all three trees.

This coonhound and squirrel dog training manual provides step by step how to instructions and is complimented by free online step by step video. To access the videos use the username KNOWLEDGE and the last word on page 1 of the manual as the password after clicking on this "LINK".

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